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Come As Our Guest!


Whether you are passing through or looking for a place to set down roots, your presence enriches our community and our worship! We will do our best to help you feel at home. 


Worship begins at 4PM. Due to the current Covid-19 threat, our congregation is worshipping virtually on Zoom. For more information on how to join us for service, visit our Virtual Church page. 


Children are welcome at every worship service and encouraged to participate fully. 


We conclude every service by shouting in joy, "Shalom! Salam! Peace!" Please join us after worship in virtual fellowship for a social time of community.

What to Expect in Worship?


  • Passionate Spirituality Good Samaritan is a place where we are always discovering God... who loves us more than we can imagine… whose presence is deeper than all of our knowledge and questions… and who welcomes us just as we are, right where we are.


  • Extravagant Welcome! Here in this community, we believe in building the beloved community and we believe you are part of it. Your unique story and perspective will be valued, respected, honored and treasured here. We come from many faith and life backgrounds, and we believe our diversity makes us stronger and helps each of us to grow in our faith. 


  • Rich-You-All's Instead of Rituals We don't do the same old thing simply because we have always done it that way. We try to infuse all of our ritual's with rich meaning and ground them in community. 


  • Family This is not a church where you can easily worship annonymously. People know one another's names, look out for each other, and are genuinely interested in one another's lives. 


  • God is Still Speaking. Our faith is 2000 years old. Our thinking is not. We ask lots of questions and welcome all questions. We approach biblical texts and life from a fresh, thoughtful, progressive lens, listening anew for what they might be saying to us in our time and place.


  • Traditional, but Flexible and Creative. You will hear traditional hymns, bible readings and prayers, but you will also find poetry, drama, art and other types of music woven into our time of worship together.


  • Faith in Action. We are not a Sunday morning only church. We are passionate about social justice and about loving and caring for our community. We are a doing church, not just a talking church.

Welcome Team

One of our welcome team members would be happy to help you connect into our Good Sam community. They can help connect you with others who share your passions, have similar life experiences or spiritual backgrounds, or live in your area.  

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