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Mikal Mancini

Director of Music Ministries


Hello, my name is Mikal Mancini and I am a lifelong musician. As the son of educators and artists, I have grown up with an overabundance of passion for the arts in all respects. I believe that a knowledge and respect for all disciplines and aspects of art leads to the greatest artist/musician and overall, human being. Art is merely a reflection of life and a fantastic way to enable discipline and creativity.

As a musician, I have extensive experience performing in symphonies, jazz ensembles, and rock groups. I also have a lot of experience in music direction for musical theatres; and a lot of studio experience in music production and songwriting. I have also privately taught piano, bass, and music theory for over five years. Additionally, I have been a pianist in a church setting for my entire life in various denominations. Growing up, I would accompany my mother, the worship leader/choir director. Eventually I took over the role and comfortably fit within any traditional or modern setting.

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